Cassiel Hanlon

Aasimar Cleric of the Tempest



Cassiel is of medium height and build, with long white hair, a trademark of the northern tundra. Her eyes are a deep frozen blue, with shimmers of silver throughout them. Her skin has a metallic sheen to it, like light hitting armor. She wears a cloak of polar bear skin, with the head being the hood, along with an elegant cleric uniform covered in silver and white embroidered snowflakes.


Cassiel was the third child born to one of the twelve noble families in Vasselheim. As one of a handful of aasimars born to the family, Cassiel was heralded as the “angelkin”, and people would come from all around the city to ask for blessings from the child. She received her primary education alongside her older siblings, but when she was ten her parents began having her tutored privately with one of the prominent spellcasters. Cassiel’s older siblings did not appreciate the attention that her parents and the city were giving her, especially since tradition of birth order usually dictated that she should not. When Cassiel turned fifteen, her father passed away and her brother became head of the household. He immediately issued an ultimatum to Cassiel: take your place as the third child or be removed. Alone and outnumbered, Cassiel complied, allowing herself to be sequestered in the temple of Auril where she had begun her clerical studies. One day her brother arrived, telling her she was going to become his diplomat, traveling to Whitestone to bless and heal one of the noblemen in exchange for trade routes and soldiers. Cassiel started the journey, but overpowered her bodyguards and disappeared to the south. For weeks she traveled alone in the frozen tundra until she reached warmer lands. Passing through Westrun until she arrived at Oakhurst.

Cassiel now devotes herself to perfecting her spellcasting and clerical skills in the hopes one day that she can return home and take on her brother for control of the family.

Cassiel Hanlon

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