Sunless Citadel - Tal'Dorei

Preface: A Letter

It has been ten years since the decimation of Tal'dorei at the hands of the Chroma Conclave, an alliance of ancient chromatic dragons led by Thordak, the Cinder King.  In that time, the lands of Tal'dorei have been in a state of recovery.  However, along with destruction came opportunity, as various unexplored regions opened up to the rest of the countryside.

It was this prospect that led each of you to be in contact with Professor Percival Briggs, a renowned explorer and archaeologist from the Arcanum in Ca'anas.  He has spent the last three years hiring many adventurers to assist in the clearing out of various tombs and catacombs for historical research.  Each of you has proven to be a valued asset to Briggs, which led him to sending each of you a letter:

I hope this message finds you well.  I seem to have discovered a vast citadel near the village of Oakhurst.  I have recruited a small party to assist in my initial exploration, but based on what I have heard around the village, I may need more assistance than this.  Please come to the village of Oakhurst, and await my return at my estate.  Speak with Carolyn Hucrele for the key; her family is watching over the property while I am gone.

Eagerly awaiting your arrival, Professor Percival Briggs, Arcanum Historian



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